Father’s Day Gift Patterns

Father’s Day is approaching fast (16 June UK). If you’re wondering what to give your dad for a present why not knit him something? I’ll be posting free, quick and easy-to-make knitting patterns that I’ve found.

Today’s pattern is too cute. It’s the I Love Dad: Mug Hug by Val Pierce on Ravelry


Rocking-Knit: The chair that knits while you rock

Wow! A rocking chair that knits. The ‘Rocking-Knit’ knits hats in no time as you rock back and forth. This amazing knitting device was invented by Colin Peillex and Damien Ludi  from ECAL/University of Art and Design, Lausanne. They pleasantly describe it as, “A new interpretation of the rocking chair. It offers its user productive moments of relaxation.” Pure Genius!

The chair was made for an exhibition called “Low-Tech Factory”, which showcased a selection of machines designed by Bachelors and Masters students of Industrial Design and Product at a workshop led by designers Chris Kabel and Tomás Král.

I’m surprised at how fast the ‘Rocking-Knit’ knits.  Watch it in action in this video:

For more information about the Rocking-Knit and the Low-Tech-Factory exhibition visit ECAL/University of Arts and Design.

Happy Knitmas: Can you stitch the John Lewis snowman in 24 hours?

Knitted snowman
Photo: Evening Standard

The Evening Standard’s Katie Law challenged herself to knit John Lewis’ snowman kit in 24 hours.  Looks like she did a pretty good job. http://ow.ly/fit1K


Appeal goes out to knit for Sandy victims

Jennifer Johnson and fellow knitters knitting for New Yorkers affected by hurricane Sandy.    Photo: The Royal Gazette Online

New Yorker, Jennifer Johnson (currently living in Bermuda), is a calling for knitters in the local community to knit, gloves, scarves, hats and blankets to send to people affected by Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast.
If you would like to help out email jenniferjporter@gmail.com.

For further details about Jennifer’s appeal visit http://www.royalgazette.com/article/20121113/NEWS/711139922


Knit and Dine Night North Bay California

Fancy the perfect combination of a curry and some knitting? Well you’re in for a treat! The North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce (North Bay California) are holding a dine and knit bash from 6pm at Stix and Stones on Wednesday, November 21, 2012. For more info visit: http://www.baytoday.ca/content/news/details.asp?c=49583

Knitting quote of the week – April 8 2012

This week’s quote goes to Diane Pantaleo, taken from her article ‘KnitPicks: A bittersweet drain on my wallet’ on the The Times of Acadiana website:

” I am on the mailing list for the knitting, crochet and crafting website, which sort of acts like a magical online portal for all my money — money goes in, brand new yarn for the yarn stash flies out.”

This rings so true for us knitters.
Read the full article: ‘KnitPicks: A bittersweet drain on my wallet’